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250 Projects Completed

10awards given by TopCoders

Over13years of experience

Why BusinessFails?

Did you know more than90% of startups failed miserably?It’s true. Some even gobankruptandlose their houses.

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Here is theproblem

Most of startups die not because they don't have a great idea, they die because there wasn't the right team, they ran out of cash by launching the product too slow and not knowing how to do marketing effectively. Which means there is a high chance, that you'll never get to see your business comes to fruition, even worse you will be losing trust on yourself and your family members.


All-in-one Services for Your Startup Business

After many years in the technology industry and lost hundred thousands of dollars with many sleepless nights, I experienced the pain that you are facing. That's why I decided to create aBUSINESS ALL-IN-ONE SERVICESthat can help you toSOLVE PROBLEMSand put your business in to aFAST LANE to SUCCESS .

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Which Service Fit Your Need?

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Lean Platform

You can havesolutions that allow your team to achieve maximum results in the shortest time, which means you can have apeace of mind to spend more time with your family.

Product Development

You can havesolutions to develop and rapidly launch your product to the market, which means you canstart making profit in months, not years.

Digital Marketing

You can havean practical marketing strategy and tactics, which means you can enjoyan unlimited marketing budget to keep your ads running 24/7 and maximize your profit.

Why areyouhere exactly?

Hi there! My name isSang Le, the founder. If you are facing problems with your business or just simply looking for ways to bring your business to another level. Then, you are the right fit for thesolutions we provide. Due to the variety of businesses, I suggest you to book a time, so that I can give a solution just for your business.

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We Commit To Make A Differnt

Customer Service

Our core values are the backbone of our company culture. All Galatekers are obsessed with making you happy.

We Do Care Your Privacy

Your ideas and business info is safe with us.

Skilled Talents

High-quality talent across a variety of domains from all over the world to make sure your business is well taking care of and on-time delivery.

Real-world Projects

Rich experience with a lot of projects in various industries for small and medium startups to fortune 500 companies, so you can enjoy best practices in the market.

Commited to Quality

We use best practices to deliver high quality service.

Flexible Payment

You pay for outcomes rather than hours, so you can worry on other parts of your business.


Our "Warriors"

sang le tech

Bachelor of Computer Science from Sun Yat-sen University

Worked in Tencent

4th place in 2008 TopCoder Open Software Component Design World Final

Best Project Manager Award from 2013 to 2016 in TopCoder Open World Finals

Huang Qun


sang le tech

Bachelor of Computer Science from Sun Yat-sen University

Worked in Tencent, HSBC and GF Securities

Top ranked software designer on Topcoder

Xu JieZhou


sang le tech

Bachelor and Master of Mathematics from Sun Yat-sen University

Worked in Baidu and Tencent

ACM-ICPC 2005 Gold Medal in Asian Region and World Finalist

2nd place in both 2015 and 2016 Topcoder Open Development World Finals

Wang JingGang


sang le tech

Graduated : University Of North Texas – Social Science

General Manager : American Welding Society (Asia) Develop Asia markets for technical standards, training, certifications

General Manager : World Engineering Xchange(USA) Asia Technical information translation, publishing , application, certifications

General Manager :Information Handling Services ( USA ) Asia

Worldwide Technical Data bases Systems in various format

Yoanne Lau


sang le tech

Graduated from Les Roches

A detail-oriented person with a high care for our clients.

Carmen Wong

PR & Social Marketing

sang le tech

With a very early background as a TV MC (HTV7, HTV9, TodayTV,…) and on stage, it helps Yunnie develop great skills in taking care of our customers.

Yunnie Nguyen

Marketing Manager


We Made Our Customers Happy

“I just wanted to say how impressed I am at how quickly you have pulled this together and what a pleasure it is working with you.”

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Hou Wei

CEO & Founder 河南 Incubator

“Galatek is a wonderful platform to help people who seek success in their business and avoid all the pitfalls and failures which can be avoided through their ingenious approach and strategies. Don’t miss this opportunity to try out for yourself.....

sang le tech

Raymond Ong 

Director Financial Services Great Estern Life Singapore | Co-Founder Starr Epic Advisory

"Everyone we worked with was extremely professional, organised, and highly qualified for the work that we required," was how we felt about our experience. It comes very highly recommended."

sang le tech

Dieu Le

Founder of Thanh Nguyen Corp.


Meet our featured projects

Due to confidentiality, we can only list a few of our clients here.Feel free to request for other projects that we built.

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Magic formula

The Magic Formula is a stock selection formula established by the famous American investor Joel Greenblatt. The core of the formula is the company’s capital yield and the stock return rate.

Galatek designed and developed this website for Shanghai Modesty, introduced the contents and principles of the Magic Formula of the stock market in detail, and calculated the real time and historical data of A shares in the formula to provide users with real time and historical stock options.

sang le tech

Asian Food B2C

Nextdish is a mid high end Asian recipe distribution company in Silicon Valley, California. Galatek have developed an online ordering platform for it.

 In addition to the desktop and mobile phone reception desk, there is a powerful backstage system, which mainly includes payment management, order management, storage management, process management and logistics route planning modules.

sang le tech


VRIC aims to renovate the way students learn by introducing VR into the classroom. Students can now experience what they are learning by putting on the VR gear, instead of just staring at the boring textbooks. With a well designed teaching system, the teachers can push the courses to all the student devices in one click and guide them to find what they are supposed to be looking at.

Only 1 hour of your time to learn how you can bring more customers to your business

Let’s talk to see how we can add value to your business.


That Show You How To Rocket Your Business Normally it costs you a few hundreds bucks.



If you are not happy with the result we deliver, you can stop at any time. No hard feeling.


Just exchange for 60 minutes, Sang believes YOU will be able to bring more customers to your business!

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